In order to be successful in a business, it is important that the network used is secure. This is because there is sensitive data like customer information and other important company documents that may end up in the wrong hands and then jeopardize the well being of the organization. 

If you offer cyber security training for your employees in cyber security, future attacks can be prevented. Once employees can understand what a potential threat looks like, they can then do the necessary actions in order to prevent a problem from happening. Since hackers may leave signs on how or where they would be doing the attack, employees can spot those potential threats quicker and the security team can execute security protocol in advance. 

As an overall plan, the whole company should implement a safety plan. This means that management, IT, and other employees are all involved in these security measures. This will also help everyone in the company adhere to uniform rules. With proper cyber essentials security training, employees will learn basic data security. This will then make the IT team's job easier when they implement a safe and secure network while management will make sure the whole operation is running smoothly. 

Emails and other forms of communications on the internet can be vulnerable if not protected. A cyber security program will allow employees to always be aware and cautious with their communications. Training will help them know how to encrypt emails, make transaction data secure, and help keep personal documents protected. These steps can be as basic as putting a privacy screen on the computer. 

Some attacks can even come from within the organization so it is good to track employee activity in order to prevent inside jobs. When an employee goes into the network, they would need to always have an I.D. number. A simple step like this can also prevent a security breach. 


For businesses nowadays, it is vital to keep your network secure at all times. This is also important for the relationships you have with other organizations. Others would trust your company more once they know that you are serious in keeping cyber security at the top of your priority list. Customers will also want to do business with you since they know their information and other data are safe with you. This can then lead to more customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and profits in the long run.